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Present Day: Historic Rodgers Theater |
Address: 204 N. Broadway
Year listed: 2001
Description: From 1949 until 1998, the Rodgers Theatre was in continuous use as a movie theatre. It was also used occasionally for…

Butler Towns and Rural Props Report.pdf
The 1992-1993 survey of Butler County identified approximately 385 properties possessing historical and/or architectural significance in small towns and rural areas, excluding the city of Poplar Bluff (which was previously surveyed). Most of these…

Present Day: Vacant
Address: 201-205 S. Main Street
Year listed: 2005
Description: The Wright-Dalton-Bell-Anchor Department Store building sits in the heart of Poplar Bluff's historic commercial district. Buildings in the vicinity date from the…

Present Day: Private Residences
Address: 848 Vine Street
Year listed: 2012
Description: The Williams-Gierth house was constructed in 1892 for H.D. Williams as his family residence. The house is located in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods on…

Complete four-part series of articles about the origins of place names in Missouri.

history of butler county missouri.pdf
211 pages : illustrations
Other titles: Deem's History of Butler County, Missouri

Address: Butler County Rte. 159 (2,000 feet east of Rte. HH)

Poplar Bluff Tornado edition 2.12 with cover.pdf
An account of the 86 lives lost in the 1927 Poplar Bluff tornado and the families they left behind.

Present Day: Margaret Harwell Art Museum |
Address: 421 N. Main Street
Year listed: 1994
Description: The Moore-Dalton House was constructed in 1883 by Thomas H. Moore and it was originally a one-story dwelling. In…

Present Day: Poplar Bluff Museum
Address: 1012 N. Main Street
Year listed: 1997
Description: Opened in 1910, the Mark Twain School cost $11,300 to build. The Mark Twain School served as the city's main high school from 1910 to 1951 and continued…
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